B&A has completed hundreds of National Environmental Policy Act documents for TxDOT and local governments for environmental clearance of transportation projects, including CEs, EAs, and EISs. B&A has held multiple TxDOT state-wide environmental contracts including:

  • Biological Services Contracts
  • Wetland Delineation Services Contracts
  • Environmental Documentation Contracts
  • Historic Resource Services Contracts

  • In addition, B&A has been awarded General Engineering Consultant contracts, Comprehensive Development Agreement contracts, and Design-Build contracts throughout the state and is trained in the latest environmental toolkits and SOUs.

    TxDOT Pre-Certification Categories

    Prepare Scoping Documents, Risk Assessments, and Environmental Checklists
    Conduct Natural Resource Surveys in Compliance With TxDOT/TPWD MOU
    Perform Cultural Resource Surveys, Testing, Data Recovery, Coordination, and Documentation
    Conduct Wetland Delineations, Permitting, Mitigation Planning/Implementation
    Perform Endangered and Threatened Species Surveys, Permitting, and Monitoring
    Conduct Agency Coordination and Consultation
    Perform Air Quality and Noise Impact Analyses
    Conduct Socioeconomic Studies
    Conduct Section 4(f) and 6(f) Evaluations, Including De Minimis, Programmatic, and Individual
    Perform Indirect and Cumulative Impact Analyses
    Perform Hazardous Materials Studies
    Prepare Materials, Provide Staff, and Prepare Summaries for Public Meetings/Hearings
    Provide GIS Services and Data Management


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