B&A is dedicated to seeking creative and practical solutions to conservation challenges that balance the needs of people and the environment.

B&A's staff is skilled at assembling and working with multi-disciplinary teams of experts in biology, archeology, history, public policy, and public relations. Our team has led stakeholder groups and managed public input on large, complex planning projects.

B&A's conservation planning expertise has supported species recovery efforts, permitting actions, and policy reviews, successfully helping our clients obtain grant funding to facilitate the development and implementation of conservation projects.

Facilitate Public Involvement
Prepare Individual and Regional Habitat Conservation Plans
Assist With Conservation Banking
Conduct Mitigation Assessments
Conduct Alternatives Analyses
Provide Conservation Easement Support
Prepare Candidate Conservation and Safe Harbor Agreements
Conduct Archeological Surveys, Testing, and Data Recovery/Mitigation
Prepare Cultural Resource Management Plans
Conduct and Prepare National Register of Historic Places Evaluations and Nominations
Conduct Section 4(f) and 6(f) Evaluations
Perform Construction Monitoring


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